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Actual unedited comments received from some of our many happy customers (most recent first).


I assembled the AMT3000 kit today and I have to thank you for creating such a wonderful device.As a novice at electronics assembly I was counting on making a mess of it but your instructions are so clear that I put the kit together with no serious problems and it worked perfectly when I plugged it in the first time.


The packaging, labeling, instructions and, of course, the AMT3000 itself are all top-notch.


Thank you!


Brooklyn, New York

I just have to let you know how pleased I am with my AMT3000-9KSM low power AM transmitter kit. As a complete electronics novice and someone who has never soldered in earnest before it was with some trepidation that I started assembling my kit. However the excellent instruction manual with detailed, clear instructions were so easy to follow that within the space of one day the kit was complete. While waiting for my iPod to charge (bad planning) I set the switches and was encouraged to hear a response from my radio as I set the desired frequency andwithin minutes my music was playing loud and clear. It is true testament to the excellent design of the kit and clear documentation that someone such as I could build it without a hitch. The kit was also delivered very quickly to the UK and was very well packaged.


Many thanks.


United Kingdom

I keep meaning to sit down and write you an email.


I purchased my SSTran AMT3000 in December and put it together over the holiday.


I just wanted to tell you what a great product it is and how nice it sounds. It was super easy to put together and was a great practice of my PC board soldering skills.


Thanks Again!


Dallas, Texas

Received my AMT3000 about a month ago and finally got around to building it over 2 days at Christmas. Took about 4 or 5 hours total I figure while trying to watch Christmas shows! lol. It reminded me of my youth in the 1960's when I was building Heathkit radios and computers. I remember designing and etching circuit boards as a kit. Its now been well over 30 years since I was building electric devices! Alas, being older the most difficult part of the build was trying to reading colour codes on resistors and the extremely small print on the capacitors. I think you need to add a magnifiying glass to the 'tools required' list! :-)


Was pretty careful, although I had to unsolder a few times due to a few mistakesÖ I remember those challenges! Had no issues when complete though, it worked right away. I wired up the audio to an old iTouch I have, downloaded a bunch old time music and old time radio and now we are thrilled to be listening to the 1940's and 1950's on our vintage Zenith tube radio we just had restored. Sounds great!


Thanks again for not only an excellent product, but for bringing back the days of kit builds. Highly recommend the AMT3000 to anyone!


Cheers from the north!


Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Just wanted to take a minute and tell you that your AMT3000 kit is outstanding!


I got the board finished today, did the final setup and it came up immediately with no problems what-so-ever.

Its online right now broadcasting to my Dad's old 1936 vintage floor model AM radio that I just re-capped a couple of weeks ago and it sounds great.

Congratulations on designing and manufacturing an excellent product.


I have built a number of Knight Kits, Heathkits and Dynakits in years past and your kit has exceeded them all.

The product packaging, excellent labeling of parts, clarity of parts identification, board layout, well thought out and written step by step instructions, ease of assemble, simplicity of adjustment and manual content is superb.


Thanks for all the expertise, hard work and obvious attention to detail that you put into your products.


Lenexa, KS

Hi , I recently purchased a SStran 3000 transmitter and want to say how great it works , I took my time assembling it over a space of seven days , I checked and doubled checked my work and also checked the boxes in the manual . The diagram of the whole chassis layout was especially helpful as I would use colored pencils to fill resistors , capacitors ,etc. I also used my volt ohm meter to double check resistors as some of the color bands weren't that distinct , amazingly after I was done I fired it up and it works great . I have been able to broadcast all over the house and also my truck radio while parked in my driveway. I mounted the assembly in the case and it really looks like a quality made product . I will tell all my friends that belong to the Indiana Historical Radio Society about the device as we can play our old radio shows thru our old radios now .



Greenwood, IN

I purchased your AMT3000 kit last month and assembled it last weekend and put it Ďon lineí in my house. I absolutely love this transmitter and will recommend it to friends in my antique radio club! I have over 20 working tube type AM radios in my house and itís lots of fun to transmit a program to them and be able to compare their sound quality side by side with the programming material of my choice.


Thanks for such a wonderful device. Iíd been wanting something like this for years and had thought about designing one, but just never seemed to be able to get around to it. Keep up the great work!


Thank you,


Colorado Springs, CO

I just completed the AMT 5000 and it performed perfectly first time just like the AMT 3000 that I built last month!


I canít remember the last time I emailed someone about their product that I have purchased. In your case, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your kits. The quality of the circuit board, components and documentation is incredible! In some ways as I reflect back on the experience it makes me sadÖÖ that we no longer have the Heathkits, Knight, etc. in this country that provide the variety of high quality electronic kits with great explanations of how they work. I sure enjoyed building their stuff when I was young.


I hope you come up with something new in the future.




Franklin, TN

today arrived the ATM3000 Kit in Germany. Many Thanks!
4 hours later I enjoy this perfect working item.
Now I am my own Programm -Director for my 20th to 40th Radios.
Now I try the 5000 Kit.
Best regards !



Re: AMT3000

We wanted to write a review, but it looks like all the words and sentiments have been used by prior customers. Ours would just be rhetoric.


Excellent is not a strong enough of a description.


Were we ecstatic about the assembled unit? Absolutely. Of course, it is not because of what we did; assembly was child's play, thanks to your design and very well written/informative Instruction Manual.


The years of research, development, tedious testing, and coming up with the finished model at almost a give-away price is most certainly shown, and very appreciated.We can't thank you enough, sir. You fill a niche that is virtually non-existent. It makes you an Ace.





Sutherland, Iowa

I want to tell you how much  like my SSTRAN AMT3000 Low Power AM Broadcast Radio Transmitter. Its design, quality, and performance are superb.


I appreciate the intelligent arrangement of the components on the board and the graphics on the board itself which not only allow a neat and compact unit but aid the assembly and soldering process. The assembly instructions are intelligently written and very clear, exceptionally so in a world in which the majority of technical manuals seem to have gone through three translations by people who were not even proficient in their own language much less English and had only the most rudimentary knowledge of the product they were attempting to describe.


The performance of the assembled AMT3000 could not be better. It truly surprised me, far exceeding my expectations. The sound quality is crystal clear. There is no background noise or interference. The received signal on my old AM radios sounds like good quality FM.


The range of this small compact unit is really impressive. I am using only the indoor wire antenna, six feet or so of which could be attached vertically behind a bookshelf, and I have not yet connected the dedicated ground wire. But with this very basic antenna, and the transmitter tuned to an open and very clear frequency mid-way across the band, I can not only easily and clearly receive the signal in every room in my house, I can receive it on my car radio several houses away!


I am a collector and restorer to "as new" condition of tube-type, battery powered, multi-band portable radios from the 1940's and 1950's...Halicrafters World Wides, RCA Strato-Worlds, Stromberg Carlson AWP8's, and Zenith Trans-Oceanics. I use my AMT3000 in conjunction with a CD player to play recordings of period radio programs through my restored portables. It is so much fun to have a friend turn on the Stomberg Carlson AWP8 or the RCA Strato-World and suddenly hear The Bickersons or an episode of Amos and Andy.


This is a very good product. I am impressed.



Snellville, Georgia


Greetings from Malaysia.

It took me 5 hours to assemble the transmitter and it is my first DIY

kit. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow. I can even

receive the transmission via the lower Short Wave frequency and the

reception is just as good as FM. Nothing beats listening to oldies

via a vintage tube radio. It just brings out the nostalgia.

My unit is transmitting 24 hours a day.

THANK YOU for an excellent product that is very reasonably priced.




I purchased the kits and finished within two days,after a few alignment mention in coming manual,the result I found with my Fisher 100R and 50R,Zenith Z3000-1 and Z7000-1 was one word " EXCELLENT",THE ALMOST SAME SOUND QUALITY COMPARE TO MY FM TRANSMITTER,thank you for such good product !!!!!!!!!!





just wanted to drop a line saying how happy i am with your 3000 transmitter. it took me 6 hrs to assemble and worked excellent. manual was very easy and straight forward. i wish you made an fm transmitter. :)

richmond va

Hi, I just wanted you to know the SStran I ordered on Feb 25th was here on March 1st and it took me 3 evenings to put together, about 9 hours total. It sounds clear as a bell on my old tube radios. I am using the wire antenna supplied and can hear it all through my 2 story house and even my garage which is 50 feet from my house loud and clear. I did a lot of research online to look at different AM transmitters and their reviews, SStran 3000 seemed to be the right one for me. After building it and using it for 3 weeks 24/7 I can say I know I made the right choice. It sounds as good or better than the radio stations that I get around here. I listen to online radio from my computer, and CD player also, its great to hear my old tube radios play the way they were made to play, I think they have a sound that cant be beat. Thanks for such an outstanding product that performs as advertised, as there is a lot of junk out now days that doesnít even work when you get it, much less than the advertised performance. Thanks.



Olin, Iowa

I would just like to say how delighted I am with the AMT3000 (9kHz channel spacing) low power Transmitter. The Audio quality is even better than the 'professional' Broadcasters. I am currently listening to 'Al Bowlly' singing with 'Ray Noble & his Orchestra' on a (circa.1934) 'His Master's Voice' Radio set !! (Which is probably what audiences would have listened too, when the Radio was new). The front controls, allow a wide range of input levels and compression settings that are quite impressive. The R.F. stability is excellent. The P.C.B. is of superb quality as are the components and construction manual. My unit looks and performs beautifully. I highly recommend this unit !!  The unit was also well packed.




Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with my AMT3000-9KSM low power AM transmitter kit.

The quality of all the parts is excellent, the packaging superb and the instructions perfectly clear and detailed. The design of this kit is a real credit to your company.

Without rushing and following the clear and well explained step by step instructions, I assembled my kit over the course of two evenings without encountering any problems at all. When all the assembly was completed and double checked, as recommended in the comprehensive instruction manual, the time came to power up for the first time. This is always an anxious moment in any electronic project! Having set the required frequency, power was applied to the AMT3000 and I am delighted to report that it worked perfectly first time. (Of course!)

The kit was then housed in its excellent and very professional looking case ready for action.

I can report that when transmitting radio stations from a digital set top box, or CD's of vintage radio programmes, the AMT3000 sounds just like a professional AM radio station. The sound quality really is excellent - just as other users have reported.

The range of controls very useful indeed. I found that no compression at all needs to be applied when re-transmitting live or recorded radio programmes because the radio stations have already applied sufficiently large amounts of audio compression at their studio or transmitter; In fact adding more compression with the AMT3000's controls can actually reduce quality in such cases. The compression control of the AMT3000 is much more useful when transmitting less compressed material such as music from PC, LP or tape where large variations in amplitude (volume) are usefully evened out.

This really is a remarkably good product and I highly recommend without any hesitation or reservation to everyone.

Thank you for such a good design - a truly magnificent product in all respects.




Hi I thought I will send you another testimonial to add to your satisfied customers list but from the UK.

This kit is amazing, the instructions to build it couldn't be simpler, even someone who has basic knowledge of how a battery works could easily get this kit made. I followed the instructions to the letter and my BC312 radio receiver picked up my wartime radio shows and archive material first time with out fiddling, playing around for hours and messing about. Clear as a bell but even better, the sound that came out, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with that air of nostalgia as how it would have sounded all those years ago. For users in the UK you need to get an 18 vac 500mA adaptor from RS or you can use 2 12 volt batteries if using away from a mains power source, it works fine. You also need a RCA jack plug adaptor from the transmitter that fits to your MP3 or CD player, these are available at Maplins.




I purchased two transmitter kits, one from a different manufacturer, the other being

the SSTRAN AMT3000. I can honestly say that hands-down, there is no comparison between the two

kits. Being an amateur at electronics, it was a great help to refer to such a pristine and

thorough manual. Even the little details of the way the components were painstakingly separated

and labeled in their respective wrappings thrilled me. The kit even broke down the soldering process into

groups of components, which surely made the entire process much more efficient. Well, when I found

that holes had been created in the board (and just the right size) for meter leads to be inserted and

self-supported, freeing up my hands for tuning adjustments, that put me over the top! It became clear to me

that a lot of thought had been put into the design.


My kit was assembled in 4 hours, and that was an accomplishment for me. When it came time

to test it, I turned it on, and it worked flawlessly. I really like the fact that I can change the modulation,

compression, and volume. Now, I have two kits that I compare side by side. They both cost the same,

but only one has won my respect, and that is the SSTRAN AMT3000. I would most certainly

buy this kit again.





I recently finished assembling my AMT3000 transmitter. From opening the box to going on the air took about six hours and it worked just as promisedóno problems.


Your Assembly and Operating Instructions are excellent.



Dallas, Oregon

I just finished building my AMT3000-SM.  I have a limited amount of experience soldering, but the kit went together without a hitch!  Your assembly instructions were clear, concise and unambiguous.  Initially I was dreading assembling the unit, but my fears were unfounded.  I completed the kit in three sessions, about 1.5 hours each evening.  I read each instruction step carefully, and used the check boxes upon completion of each step.  As the assembly progressed, my confidence rose.  By the time I had completed the kit, I just knew that it would work when plugged in......and it did, first time!  My old tube radios sound great playing old time radio shows streamed from the Internet.


I would recommend this kit to anyone, of virtually any skill level.  Read the instructions, take your time and use the check boxes as each step is completed.  If I can do it, anyone can!


Anyway, thanks SSTRAN for a GREAT product!



Lakeview Arkansas

I finished my SSTRAN yesterday afternoon and listened to it all afternoon and evening Ė WOW what a difference in that and the old Vectronics transmitter I was using.  I canít believe the difference in sound quality, it sounds much better than any of the OTA broadcast stations in the area and is light years ahead of the old Vectronics.  The range is also much better Ė the Vectronics was limited to pretty much one room while I can pick up my SSTRAN all over the house.  I really enjoyed building the kit and liked the challenge of soldering the surface mount IC Ė thatís the first time Iíve ever done anything with a surface mount component.


I have a suggestion Ė I used one of those Sears ďHandi-cutĒ cutter-pliers to separate the 6 2-pin headers instead of a utility knife and it really made the job easy, no pieces flying anywhere and no damage at all to the headers. Very easy to make nice clean straight perpendicular cuts; you do have to use some common sense safety and keep your fingers out of the way:


Iím extremely pleased, this is one of those rare products that has far exceeded my expectations and is already making me very glad I bought it.  Thanks again.



Powell, Ohio

I just want to let you know that I'm very satisfied with the AMT3000 kit I purchased recently. A high quality kit, and with the assembly and operating instruction detailed as they are, it makes it very easy to assemble the kit in a short time. It took me about 5 hours from unpacking the box to listen to music through the transmitter. The quality of the transmitter is excellent.


A very happy customer



Auckland, New Zealand

Finished your kit today and it works perfect.

Hooked to my computer to broadcast to an old tube radio.

I've assembled a Heathkit oscilloscope, a Heathkit TV, & a Knight SW.

Your speed of delivery, packaging and instructions are second to none.

It was a lot of fun doing a kit again. Nothing like the smell of rosin core solder.




Troy, MI

Starting last February, I built my first AM 3000.  Finished in a few hours, up and running the next day and is still running like a charm!  It has been powered up 24/7 since that day, withstood many wind storms, tornado warnings, heavy rains, snow, ice, etc and still keeps plugging away.  I wish everything I built was that reliable.  Audio quality is still supurb and nothing, has changed quality wise.


I have no clue if others have found the signal here in the small town I live in but, if not, they are missing something fun to listen to.  I was up on the roof today, opened up the box just to take a look, it all still looks as new, no weather problems etc. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you again for the excellent transmitter you have designed, it is second to none!




Commerce, OK

Just a quick note to commend you on developing such a brilliant professional product.
Kit arrived quick and safely, easy to assemble and set up. I have not heard such excellent quality AM broadcasts on my old sets for years!
Thank you.



St Albans. UK


Two nights after dinner and the kit is done.Third night and itís tuned in and running.

Itís everything you advertised!!!Clear signal and GREAT sound!!!




Romeo, Michigan

Just wanted to thank you for the great AMT3000 kit. I assembled it in my spare time over the course of 3 evenings. My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I heard my old 1924 Victoreen Superhet receiver go quite when I plugged the finished transmitter in. I was even more astonished when I turned up the gain and compression and heard beautiful hi-fedelity AM audio pouring through the ancient speaker.  Far better range than any of the local AM stations. I marvel that the transmitter worked first try!  (Nothing has ever worked first time before!)  The documentation was really great, and the assembly was a terribly rewarding experience.  Collectively, I spent about 4 hours.

I plan to purcase another for a friend for Christmas.  He will be as delighted as was I!

Best wishes,


Knoxville, TN

Just wanted to pass along a note of thanks for offering a quality product at a reasonable price. I ordered your AMT3000 a few weeks ago and just found the time to assemble it this weekend. Being an electronic technician for 27 years, I appreciate the quality of this well thought out kit. It not only lives up to your claims; it surpasses my expectations with audio quality unrivaled in a kit with such a modest price. The assembly instructions had no surprises and were fairly well presented. From the time I opened the box, until I was "on the air", was less than 4




Dingmans Ferry, PA.

I received the AMT3000 and assembled it in about 3 hours. I was very pleased with the quality of the kit in every way. The audio quality is fantastic, the instructions are clear and the price is reasonable.


I have played around designing and building my own homebrew transmitters, and yours is by far superior.


I use it to transmit Old time radio shows throughout my house.....It's great.


Thanks much,



Clarendon Hills, IL

Hello. Kit arrived safely.

Built tested and working fine! I now have lots of good programmes to listen to on my old sets.

I ran the Electronics Prototype Dept at Lucas aerospace in Birmingham UK (now Goodrich) before retiring after 38 years and recognise a good well thought out product when I see one.

Well done SSTRAN.



Birmingham, UK

I just wanted to let you know that I built my AMT3000 last week (a

Christmas present from my family - chosen by me :).What a joy to

build!The instructions are excellent and the kit very well organized.

Maybe the most fun I have ever had building a kit and I am very

pleased with the performance.



Groton, MA

Phil, the SSTRAN AMT 3000 is one great little transmitter. It has superb sound and is constructed of quality material. With the wire antenna and grounded to the telephone ground I'm getting about 500' crystal clear signal and about 500' more with distant signal. At 1000' there are hot spots and like such at 1500'. I would highly reccomend this to anybody who wants a great sounding transmitter. And best of all, it's affordable and worth every penny. I would even pay twice the amount. In fact it sounds as good as or better than the commercial stations.

Thanks Phil for this magnificent transmitter.

Sincerly, Travis Allred

Great little AM transmitter. The compression,  modulation and overall audio quality is far better than many full size broadcast units and Optomod processors I've worked with at commercial stations.


As you mention, a lot of the old recordings aren't very good quality. That's generally what I expect when I buy OTR. I've fed them into my computer and, as time permits, I'll bring them up in Cool Edit Pro and see if they can be improved any. You can do a lot with that software.


Once again, thanks for a quality product and such fast service.


Waupaca, WI

Itís not often these days that you buy something that exceeds your expectations but I just finished building the AMT3000 kit and it did just that! Iíd like to thank you for a well-engineered product that worked perfectly as soon as I powered it up.


This was the first significant electronics project I have ever tackled and I was initially concerned about working on a PC board. Your instructions were excellent and had exactly the information I needed at each step. I had no problems whatsoever with assembly or setup.


The sound quality is excellent and the audio adjustments have a wide range without being finicky. We live in an area with limited radio reception and Iím finally able to listen to my old tube radios with a strong clean signal. Iím using the Internet as a source and itís wonderful to have so much choice in the programs we can listen to on our old (and new) radios.


Many thanks.



Meaford, Ontario, Canada

Completed assembly of my AMT3000. Powered up and WOW. I've built several kits in the past but without a doubt this one has the most detailed easy to follow instructions of all. And for the sound, I could not believe it. Sounds so good I am retiring an older version of another brand that I thought was the best. Tuning was a snap.
I highly recommend Phil and SSTran, he took time to answer all of my questions before I ordered and everything worked exactly as he said it would. I would not hesitate to order from him again. Deserves an A+ rating in every category, especially CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Wirtz, Virginia

Eight or ten old radios, including my faithful Philco 41-280 console and post-war rolltop, a Zenith or two, a dashboard Crosley, an eye-tube Truetone and a Stromberg Carlson tabletop are keeping this chill out of the air this evening at the Homestead.

When you are an electronically under-enhanced Baby Boomer Vietnam Vet Newspaper Editor English major Machine Tool Tech Support Engineer born in 1946 and you can fire up a soldering iron and Follow Directions and make a box of itty bitty little doodads do what they are supposed to do it gives me a Warm Fuzzy feeling. I hope you get the same Warm Fuzzy that you have a completely satisfied customer who can recommend your transmitter without hesitation.

Attaboy to you and your crew!




Pryor, OK

After 5 attempts at trying to obtain an AM transmitter, first the LIL7, then the Graymark 505, Then the Knight version, then Ocean Electronics $10.95 kit, all of which are, and were, just plain hype and junk, I broke down and bought a SSTRAN AMT3000, For about $100.00 with shipping. It took 3 days to get here, then I spent 4 hours two nights in a row assembling the kit. Very straight forward, the board is a little cramped, and unless you have a fine tipped soldering iron, and good soldering skills you may have trouble. I opted to wear magnifying glasses to wire it up. Then inspected carefully with a jeweler glass.
I turned it on and tuned it according to instructions, which were very straight forward. I found no mistakes or confusing parts of the manual.
It works exceptionally well, has excellent control factors and selection options. The controls are Gain, Modulation, and compression. These are located on the front panel. So between those controls and the controls of the computers MP3 player and my radio, it is like having equalizer/mixer control over the quality of the broadcast.

SSTRAN has got it 100% right on the money. Like Ron Popeill says, "SET IT AND FORGET IT." You leave the unit on all the time, and unless you move the antenna you do not have to adjust the unit ever again. Unless of course you are a tweek freak.

The price, ease of assembly, quality of the product, and the quality of the broadcast signal, I WOULD NOT WASTE MY TIME EVEN CONSIDERING ANY OTHER AM TRANSMITTER.



(Posted on Antique Radio Forum 11-10-2005)

Greetings from Germany!


I have just completed my transmitter kit. Assembly took me about four

and a half hours and the unit worked flawlessly at first try. Signal /

modulation quality and frequency stability are outstanding, equal to a

commercial broadcast station.

Being an electronics engineer, I can tell that a lot of effort,

knowledge, and experience went into this design. Also, I'm quite

surprised how you guys are able to do it for this price.


To sum it up, this is by far the best AM transmitter I've ever had and

it's worth every dollar.


Thank you so much!



Ingolstadt, Germany

I just wish to thank you from 'down-under' for an excellent product.

Beautifully designed, engineered, and documented.

The instructions are by far the best I have ever seen for a kit.

It was a pleasure to assemble the kit and it worked first up.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,




I have learned to do a bit of research before buying anything. Everything I could find about AM transmitters said your unit was the best. It is not the most expensive, or least expensive. It is a great unit at a reasonable price. I had a good experience with your company from the start. The order confirmation via e-mail and shipping confirmation from the Post Office surprised me. The kit reminded me of a Heathkit project. I believe your kit is of a higher quality than Heathkit.


The transmitter worked fine from the start. The audio IChandles volume level changes of the mp3 files. I enjoy listening to the old radio shows played as they were meant to be heard, on AM radio.


Thanks for a super project.



Houston, TX

Received my AM Broadcast Kit. 2 Hours Plug and Play.

Can't say enough Good about your Product. PC Board worth the $90.

Been a Tech for 35 years so I appreciate the Quality.

Thanks Much


Wilmington, NC

I just purchased and constructed one of your AMT3000-SM kits.  What a great product!  The design of the kit made putting it all together a very enjoyable experience. Your documentation is excellent and the design of the transmitter is first rate.   I'm extremely pleased with the performance of this little box.  I've been listening to it on my Carver TX-11a in wideband AM mode and my Sony SRF-A100.  The audio is very clean.


Thanks again and keep up the great work.  If you ever offer an FM product, I'll buy one!



Huntersville, NC


The AMT3000  Transmitter is quite the little transmitter.

I started with the wire because I had the coil on order from Carl who makes the vertical antenna for the AMT3000. I had built the antenna from the easy to use diagram and specs provided on the site and requested him to make the coil, because I wanted it done right.

With everything put together and tuned properly the transmitter gets out great. I think I have a good range of over a mile, maybe farther in hot spots. The sound is incredible and sound just as good if not better than the other commercial stations in my area.

Just make sure you have the antenna clear of any obstacles and have it well grounded and possibly elevated if you have buildings or houses close by and you should be more than happy with it.

I can only imagine how well this puppy would get out if I had it 50 feet up!!

Thanks Phil and Carl for being so helpful and patient with me.

Ray Gauthier
Abbotsford B.C.

Finished the kit about two months ago, and it worked the first time! It really really sounds good. Tell the engineer that designed the kit that he did an amazing job. Honest!



Hanover Park, Illinois

Just finished and fired up my AMT3000-SM xmtr. All I can say is - WOW! I can see you take your motto "Dedicated to Quality Engineering" very seriously; what a little gem!With just the ground and antenna wires lying around, I can hear the signal out to about 300+ feet before it fades into the noise at 1700kHz.The audio is robust (those sidebands really ROCK!) and the quality is excellent.Also, the unit is dead on frequency. I've been disappointed with another AM transmitter kit, but your's worked beautifully the first time.The assembly instructions are clear and all of the parts (in addition to being included) are clearly labeled.What an amazing value for the price, it's worth every penny I paid.Also, you responded immediately to a question I had; appreciate the great customer service.Thanks for putting so much care and effort into producing an excellent product. Now I'm going to get to work on building an antenna!



Myersville, Maryland

I just received the AMT3000 kit and completed it last night.

I couldn't wait to put the power to it and see what it sounded like.  Man, was I surprised!  From recommendations, I had expected a nice sound, but after tweaking it a little, I was floored. A rich mellow, drift free sound that puts the big boys to shame.  No hum whatsoever.  Instructions are precise and well laid out.  Old Time Radio is now alive and kicking in my community on 1610!


T. Turner

Harlan, Kentucky

I built your transmitter kit in a couple of hours. Great kit! Very easy to build, it worked first try and the fidelity is superb. My old Grundig sounds spectacular playing old time radio.



Stuart, Florida

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great product you have.You shipped my kit 08JUN04 and I received it a couple of days later.Assembled the kit and was ready for a "smoke test" after two easy evenings.Not to my surprise, it worked flawlessly!Setup was exactly as described in your exceptionally well-written manual.The transmitted signal has fabulous audio. I listen to it on a vintage 1946 Stromberg-Carlson console (among others) and the sound is just incredible!However, I do have one suggestion:Please design a kit of this caliber for FM stereo!Is something like this in the works??I've tried many similar products over the years and have come to

realize that most of them are merely toys.Thank you for a truly superlative product!!!



Victorville, California

I just completed the AM transmitter and it works like a charm.Building the kit reminded me of the days of Heathkit.It was a pleasure to hear Classical music on an AM radio again.

Nice design!



Palatine, Illinois

I just finished my kit and I wanted to let you know what a terrific product it is!!  I am very impressed with the assembly manual and the organization of the parts.  Everything was there and easily identifiable.  The kit instructions were very straight forward and it went together smoothly--it worked right away!  It is so cool to be able to listen to music on my antique radios!!  In this area, the is virtually no music--only talk radio stations.  This is such a welcome change.

Thanks again for a wonderful product!!



Pemberville, Ohio

I did not expect so high quality a design, and excellent documentation. A few hours later and I was broadcasting.With only the wire whip laying about, I can get crisp clear reception on my car radio hundreds of feet away. Wow, with a decent (still legal) antenna, this will be quite a 100mw performer!

Good job!

(extra class ham radio license holder.)



Houston, Texas

I finished my transmitter a few hours ago and can't turn it off long enough to get it into it's case. Happy, elated, and any other adjective that you could think of! It's given life to otherwise worthless radios, the Stratosphere included.  It was a joy to put together thanks to such a well thought out design, package and assembly manual.  I can't say enough and I plan to be saying plenty to every radio buff I know. This is some of the best money I ever spent. Thanks so much!



Evansville, Indiana

The transmitter arrived.I plugged everything in, and now

my Dad's 1941 Zenith Universal (6G601D) is playing satellite

radio!Commander McDonald would be amazed at such a

convoluted arrangement.No more commercials and crappy



At least according to the Universal, it sounds better than

the local stations, too.(I think dish does a fair amount

of pre-compressing the Sirius signal, so I turned the

transmitter compression off.)


It's a beautiful product, simple, well-packaged, documented,

and organized -- very professional.Thank you -so- much for

creating it.


Now all I have to do is find a 12S265 or 12S267 and then I

can really cook.



Davenport, Iowa

I am very impressed with the audio quality that the SSTRAN kit offers.  With the built-in compressor/limiter, you can't go wrong!  I am broadcasting my Internet radio station now at 1610 KHz with the outdoor antenna that you can build using the plans on this site.  One note, I tested the antenna on the ground in the backyard and then with it 25 feet off the ground.  The range is phenomenal considering that this is a legally unlicensed station!  Reception is solid within a mile radius.  It can get spotty after that, but I have been able to pick it up with a clear signal in a few hot spots as far away as 4 miles away!  If you want to legally broadcast to your local community, I highly recommend this kit AND the outdoor antenna.  Oh, and if you are as afraid to solder as I am, spend the extra couple of bucks to get the surface-mount IC already soldered to the board.


George Fair

Granada Hills, CA

I am truly impressed with the AMT3000.I had been looking for a decent AM transmitter to transmit music to my collection of working vintage radios for a long time.Your little AMT3000 is just the thing! It's audio quality is as close to a commerical AM station as one can get. Some people who have listened to mine can't tell the difference.A good friend of mine who was an AM radio DJ in the mid-70s was so impressed,he bought one and had me to assemble for him.†† Keep up the good work.



Plainfield, Indiana

Check out the SSTran Am Transmitter:

This is without a doubt the best mini-transmitter I've ever had (and
I've had at least 6 of them over the years). I built a Ramsey MP3FM
and it's the best of the FM transmitters I've had, but the SSTran has
actually transformed the way I listen to OTR for two main reasons.

1) It is a high fidelity sounds as good as a real am
station, and all the other am transmitters I had sounded considerably
crummier than real broadcast stations (poor audio quality, whining
noises and hums and distortion).

2) It contains an audio limiter/compressor which you can adjust to
your taste. It allows volume leveling so the audio doesn't fade into
the background or blast you when you least expect it. This alone
makes my OTR shows sound much more enjoyable than they do listening
straight off the PC or on a boom box. As a person who works in the
broadcasting industry I'm aware of the processing radio stations
apply to their audio before broadcast. It makes the stations loud and
full sounding and is the reason most small transmitters sound anemic
by comparison. Although the SSTrans limiting is elegantly simple, it
actually allows you to tailor the compression anywhere from fully off
to heavily processed. A very light setting can be used to prevent any
obvious compression artifacts and to allow a quiet background while
still maintaining a fairly natural sounding, constant modulation
level. It works very very well.

The SSTran was a bit more complex to assemble than the Ramsey, but I
avoided problems by sorting out ALL THE PARTS in advance so I didn't
have to read color codes during assembly. It took me a weekend to do
it, but I love this toy and leave it on most of the time. If I'm not
listening to OTR or music from my PC, I leave it on a streaming
station so I can tune in whenever the mood strikes.

Incidentally, if you happen to have an am radio with a wide bandwidth
setting 9such as the GE SRIII, this thing sounds just like
has flat response to 20K which is much further than any OTR I've got.

I've never had souch a wonderful experience as turning down the
lights and playing my old shows through my old Zenith Trans-Oceanic creates a reality I just don't feel listening on my PC!

There was a nice review of it a few months ago in Popular

I really love this little gem and can't recommend it highly enough!



(From Yahoo Groups post)

Thank you for such a great product. The sound quality is great, there's no hum whatsoever, and the range is excellent. I've used two other AM transmitters and neither one comes close to your kit. I appreciate the ability to set it precisely to any AM band frequency, and the well written instructions were most helpful.

Warren, Ohio

I just finished mine a few moments ago. I set the dip switches according to the charts, plugged in the mini disk, plugged in the wall wart, tuned the Philco console to the frequency and listening to Jack Benny as I type this, and with NO HUM!! Will have time to try some big band music and play with the settings later. Phil did an *excellent* job with this kit, first class all the way.

Colorado Springs. Colorado

My kit arrived today and I haven't had time to do anything but look itover and read the manual.

This is one of the most handsomely conceived and packaged kits I have seen. My building experience goes back as far as a Philmore one-tube radio kit.)

Every blunder a builder might commit seems to have been anticipated and provided for.

The packaging makes it very unlikely for the unwary constructor to confuse similar-appearing parts. And photographs and descriptions in the manual reduce the likelyhood further. The descriptions of the circuits, their operation and proper adjustment should satisfy anybody ready to tackle such a project.

Additionally, a minor and easily implemented (if necessary) revision to the design is provided, suggesting that users will be well-supported if difficulties are encountered.

(I don't know how you do it for the price, Phil.)

I am going to have to purchase a soldering iron suitable for mounting the single, surface-mount chip in the kit before I begin building, but I am looking forward to the experience.

San Francisco, California

Just finished the kit and it works great. The audio quality is superb, as close as broadcast audio could be. I have built many kits over the years and the AMT3000 has to be on of the best quality and the instructions were very complete and accurate.

Ida, Michigan

Just had to tell you how much I like my new AMT3000 transmitter kit. It arrived about 1:00 pm and I was "on the air" about eight hours later. I have built many kits over the years and this one is as good as any. This transmitter works exactly as described, especially on the distance it can cover and the professional sound quality it puts out. It is dead on frequency with no hum or oscillations.


Thanks for engineering such a top notch product and for pricing it low too.



Sylmar, California

Hi - I received the transmitter and just finished building/aligning the unit.Like many people over on the rar+p newsgroup, I have tried many (including a couple of my own) versions of low power am transmitters, both tube and solid state, but had never found one that really worked satisfactorily until now.Kudos to you all - this one is outstanding not only in operation, but your assembly instructions/manual are top notch! Thanks a million.



San Jose, California

I'm listening to some 50's/60's oldies right now from my PC playing through my tubed Zenith Trans-Oceanic. I've been playing around with Part 15 am transmitters since I was a kid and this is the first time I've ever had a home transmitter that sounded as good as regular broadcast stations! The sound is full, strong and clear and doesn't

have any of the background hum and whine I get with the other mini

transmitters I own. My radios sound their best and the adjustable audio processing let's me compensate for mp3 files and CD's of different volume levels. The processing "punch" brings lots of details out of Old Time Radio Shows I've got on mp3 that used to be lost down in the soup. I bet the shows didn't sound as good when they originally aired!


I had fun building the kit and think this is a great product. Plus your service and support are without peer.


Thanks so much!



Vernon, Connecticut

I can't say enough about how pleased I am with this xmiter.  I have been a SW listener for many years and recently I decided that after listening to them for so many years, I really wanted to learn more about how a radio transmitter  works.  At this time HAM radio just does not appeal to me, so I considered buying a base CB Radio and seeing what I could learn from that.  I read the article about you in Pop Communications and I was sold. I have already learned quite a bit through this exercise and by studying the Theory of Operation section of your documentation and by following up with things I can find on the internet about the ICs etc. Thank you so much for producing a truly good product, at a good price, and standing behind it with excellent customer support. It seems today that so many companies produce poor quality, over priced products. It is nice to find a company such as yours.  You live up to everything that was said about you and the AMT3000 in the Popular Communications article and more!



Warrenton, Virginia




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